A Love conspiracy

An experimental game done by Arnaud DE BOCK for the experimental gameplay competition of january/february 2013
The Sifteo CubesCOmpetition
Contributing Authors
Hero Maker for Love Conspiracy using the accelerometer of the #Sifteo cubes

Hero Maker for Love Conspiracy using the accelerometer of the #Sifteo cubes

Love Circle research

Love conspiracy around the World!!!

First Video Of ‘Kiss”

First picture Of “kiss”. 

with the amazing illlustration of @celsiuspictor

"Kiss" my third game for the experimental Gameplay #Sifteo Final, his near to  be Finish!

This game is a First Person Storyteller!

My friend #celsuspictor have done an incredible job!

You can see more of his work here : cargocollective.com/celsiuspictor

My friends #celsiuspictor Is actually working on a new variation of Love conspiracy.

In this version each player will be a boy or a girl looking for his lover!

soon more info!

I hope to be able to continue this fantastic contest in february!

With The Sifteo cubes I´ll like To Spread Love !

My Project for Love Conspiracy is :

- Improve the U.I. and sound to make the game the more accessible as possible.

- Improve the Gameplay using the accelerometer and the the ability to press the screen to implement new feature.( I was thinking to see the word written “on press”, on this way this game could be use in classes of alphabetization, or in classes of a foreign languages)

- trying to insert animation

_ I´ll like to create a template and try it with children to give them the ability to create their own drawings and after be able to play with it with another children.

- I´ll also like, if I find the time to make a version of this game  accessible to blind people, who will play a sound instead of a picture ( for example the sound of the waves for the sea, the sound of an heartbeat for an heart, etc… )( it could also be played in the dark !)

Esta video esta con una voz en español

This video is with a spanish voice

A Story generated by “Love conspiracy”, a video game created for the experimental gameplay competition and especially for the Sifteo cubes by Arnaud DE BOCK.

All the drawings use in “Love Conspiracy ” are done by myself .

The voice and history are created by Raquel Martinez

You can have more info about this project on